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If this is October then there must be undead in Toronto

It’s October again, which means, for Toronto, a whole lot of undead happenings.  Beside the Toronto Zombie Walk (and Halloween Parade), two great live horror film adaptations return to Hogtown. At Fan Expo 2013, we had a chance to talk for a few moments with Christopher Bond and Mike “Nug” Nahrgang about their involvement with the upcoming productions of both “Evil Dead the Musical” and “Night of the Living Dead Live“. After that is a bonus interview that was originally recorded at Fan Expo 2012, and thought to be lost when we had a…

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The Practical Dead

This post is both a shameless self-promotion and an explanation of sorts. Over the past while, the site has been quieter than usual. While there’s still more to come from Fan Expo, and we’ll still be writing other pieces, a lot of time has gone into another endeavour – The Practical Dead. It’s a new web comic written and drawn by myself and RGB’s own Rebel Scum. What is The Practical Dead you ask?

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Fan Expo 2011 details

It’s that time of year again, when nerds and geeks of all stripes descend on Toronto and congregate at the shrine of pop culture known as Fan Expo. To alleviate the major congestion problems of last year, the expo is returning to the larger South Building of the Metro Convention Centre, and has added a fourth day to the event.

Fan Expo 2011 runs from August 25th to 28th, and you can catch all the details in the press release below…

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Saturday Morning Science 012

The future’s uncertain and the end is always near. Roadhouse Blues- The Doors The silly season is well under way. Today the world is going to end. Joe Stalin engineered the Roswell saucer crash. The Centre for Disease Control went viral with a zombie attack piece. And don’t get me started about Lars Von Trier, his silly “worlds in collision” movie or his public airing of his private Fuhrerbunker. I’m glad this is a science column. I could just walk away and say none of this is on my beat….

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Zombies!!! for Windows Phone 7

Zombies!!! started its (un)life as a unique board game 10 years ago from game publisher Twilight Creations. In that time a number of expansion packs and alternate rules have kept the game fresh. I’ve been a fan of it since almost the beginning, and followed the Yahoo newsgroup for the game for a number of years, including trying out some of the fan suggested alternate rules options. Now Zombies!!! made the transition to a video game on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The adaptation not only captures the feel of the tabletop game for newcomers, but enhances the experience for those who’ve played the tabletop version.

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Fan Expo adds fourth day and moves back south

Although widely known to be the last weekend in August, Hobbystar has announced the dates for Fan Expo 2011. This year the show will run from Thursday August 25 to Sunday August 28th. After the sardine crush of 2010, the convention is not only moving back to the more spacious South Building, they’re taking over the whole South Building, which gives them over 400,000 square feet of geeky goodness. They’ve also extended the convention to include Thursday which should alleviate some of 2010’s problems.

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Great Canadian Cinema? Yep, at the Toronto Underground

Starting December 2nd, the Toronto Underground Cinema is running a four day showcase Canadian movies, under the title Good Canadian Cinema? TUG ran an online survey, and the result is definitely an eclectic mix.  Whether it’s the genre defining sex comedy Porky’s, which I haven’t seen since the days of mom and pop video stores, or the mind bending Naked Lunch, with David Cronenberg’s most under-appreciated film, it’s pretty clear that fans of the Toronto Underground have great taste when it comes to Canadian film. Friday’s co-presentation (with Rue Morgue…

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2010 Toronto Zombie Walk – UPDATED

Just a friendly reminder that the 8th annual Toronto Zombie Walk is only a few days away, starting Saturday October 23rd at pm.  The mass of undead corpses seems to grow every year, and with that, the Zombie Walk now requires registration (online registration now closed – see the site for in-person registration), mainly for city logistics purposes.  Although you can register on the day, your best bet is to register in advance to save time before the event.  If my number is any indicator, they’ve already surpassed 6000 officially…

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Zombie Satellite Galaxy 15 -ALERT!!!!

Zombie Satellite Galaxy 15 is not: -an early Eighties Italian/German Alien knock-off starring Klaus Kinski and Udo Kier with a dubbing script written by John Shirley. -an Anime series based on a  Manga series with a huge, rabid, cult fan base but you’ve never heard of it because the American translated version is called “Undead Space Cadet Zero“. -a Sigue Sigue Sputnik/ Powerman 5000 mash-up, tribute band that played at the Bovine Sex Club: once. The set lasted fifteen minutes but it was awesome. No,  Zombie Satellite Galaxy 15 is…

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AMC’s The Walking Dead gets a Mini-doc

It’s no secret that the RGB Filter bullpen has more than its share of zombie fans, which explains why this isn’t the first time we’ve posted about The Walking Dead TV series coming out from AMC, which kicks off on All Hallow’s Eve.  As part of the build-up, AMC has released a new 18 minute documentary on the making of the show, talking with the producers, actors, and writer of the the comic, Robert Kirkman.

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The Sacrifice DLC coming Oct 5th – comic online

Valve has announced that “The Sacrifice” DLC for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 will be released on October 5th, 2010.  The new DLC further bridges the gap between the two games, and tells the story leading up to the demise of **** (name redacted for spoilers sake).  During the lead up to the release of the DLC, Valve has also started putting “The Sacrifice” comic online, with the first 2 of 4 parts now available. The DLC “The Sacrifice” will be available for the XBOX 360,…

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