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[20 Aug 2014 | No Comment | ]
So, two fish decide to play Street Fighter II…

To be honest, two fish ARE playing Street Fighter II, but they’re oblivious to the situation. They are, after all, fish.
Essentially, the tank face has been divided up into a 3 by 3 grid, each representing different game control. As Aquarius (P1) and Robert the Bruce (P2) swim around, they’ll unwittingly activate the controls. No fish are harmed in the process. In fact, according to the Twitch page, they seem to be doing quite well.
You can watch the competition all day below, or go to the Twitch.tv page to get all the …

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[18 May 2014 | No Comment | ]
Catlateral Damage

If you have a few minutes to kill on a Sunday afternoon, give Catlateral Damage a try. This may be the most accurate cat simulator ever created, even though it’s only in alpha form, except for the lack of random surprises like coughed up hairballs. It also answers the question as to WHY cats like knocking things off shelves… because it’s fun!
Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where your goal is to knock as many of your owner’s possessions onto the ground as possible. It is currently in alpha …

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[19 Jul 2012 | No Comment | ]
When Kinect meets dubstep

Ever since its launch, the Kinect has been a favourite for people to experiment with what can be done with motion controls. In what could be the coolest mash up to date, a pretty big team of talented individuals combined for the V Motion Project.

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[24 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
Windows 8 and why the Zune brand needs to die

Microsoft has taken a lot of flak for their horrible naming conventions and overly long names, and deservedly so. When first announced, Windows Phone was called Windows Phone Series 7. They officially chopped of the “Series” by launch, and now just advertise it as Windows Phone. It just makes more sense.

Similarly, they last year rebranded their paid Office cloud service to Office 365. Office 365 makes sense. It’s Office, all the time. Do you know what they called it previously?

Business Productivity Online Suite.

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[13 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
Puddle game review

Back in 2010, six French students won the GDC Student Showcase award for the liquid physics puzzle game Puddle.  Konami later picked up the title, and after development by Neko Entertainment, Puddle was released on both the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN a couple of weeks back.
The premise of the game is straight forward.  The player guides liquids through hazardous environments, while trying not to lose so much volume that you have to start over.  In the early levels, this means navigating water through pipes filled with fire and heated surfaces …

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[31 Jan 2012 | One Comment | ]
Deus Ex – The Title Sequence

The always wonderful to read “Art of the Title”, which focuses on the craft of creating effective title sequences, generally using film and TV, has posted its first game sequence, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Included is an extensive interview with both Paul Furminger from Goldtooth Creative (director of the sequence) and Jean-François Dugas from Eidos-Montreal (Game Director).

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[23 Jan 2012 | One Comment | ]
Mass Effect 3 with Kinect

YouTube video link
Last week, a promotional video showing the Kinect integration in Mass Effect 3 was release. action.  The Kinect integration actually appears pretty useful, especially in the issuing of commands to the non-player teammates.  They do mention that while there is almost a second of lag while the Kinect interprets the command, it ultimately does pay off.
Joystiq had some hands on time with it, and has some good things to say about it.  For example, you can point to a location and issue a move command via voice.  While …

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[6 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Toshiba glasses-free 3D Qosimo F750 laptop

One thing we weren’t expecting to see at Fan Expo this year was new laptop technology. While game franchises have become a major part of conventions in the past few years, with the convergence of geek culture, it’s usually a matter of game titles, not the hardware underneath it. So when we came across the Toshiba booth, which had their new Qosimo glasses-free 3D laptop on display, we had to take a look.

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[20 Sep 2011 | One Comment | ]
Gears of War 3 is an epic swan song

Epic Games had to pull off a hat trick with the concluding chapter of Gears of War. First is to bring new visual and gameplay tweaks that are prerequisite for a sequel to be a hit with the fans. Second, they needed a way to recap the story for newcomers. Finally, they needed to wrap up the story in a way that is satisfying for a trilogy that was designed to end with the third installment.

Epic pulled it off with style and grace, as Gears of War 3 exemplifies exactly what a sequel should be.

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[16 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
MGS HD coming soon

While Konami has yet to peg down a definite North American release date for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, there’s news floating around (via Joystiq) that it will land in Japan on November 23th. This suggests that international dates can’t be far behind.

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[14 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
The Gunstringer review – this duck hunts

As I do recall, the first time I set eyes on Twisted Pixel’s Kinect based game The Gunstringer I wasn’t rightly sure what to make of it. The odd little feller looked like a goofy western on-rails shooter aimed for the new-fangled Kinect. On first blush I reckoned I’d steer clear of it, but like my kin done told me, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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[12 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
Rocksmith Overview at Fan Expo 2011

Ubisoft had quite a bit going on at Fan Expo in Toronto this year.  One of the upcoming titles that caught our eye was Rocksmith, which puts a new spin on the rhythm guitar game.  It’s specfically designed to work with any electric guitar, which plugs into your Xbox 360, PS3 or PC via a USB adapter, and uses the chords you strum to keep track.
In the video above, you can catch Ryan’s talk with Adam from Ubisoft, who also demos the game using an Epiphone Les Paul plugged in via …