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The Practical Dead

This post is both a shameless self-promotion and an explanation of sorts.  Over the past while, the site has been quieter than usual.  While there’s still more to come from Fan Expo, and we’ll still be writing other pieces, a lot of time has gone into another endeavour – The Practical Dead. It’s a new web comic written and drawn by myself and RGB’s own Rebel Scum. What is The Practical Dead you ask?

It’s a weekly webcomic which follows the misadventures of Fisher and Duncan during a zombie outbreak.  From the description…

“Either this weed is incredible, or the Zombie Apocalypse just happened.” Introducing the story of Fisher and Duncan, two best friends making the best of a really, really bad situation. When everyone else saw themselves getting disembowelled by the undead horde, they saw opportunity.

Despite being tech-oriented in general, and both Wacom users, the comic is mostly done with traditional pencil and ink, with some touch ups and lettering putting it in the digital realm.  We’re hoping you’ll enjoy it…

Click here to read from the beginning.

The Practical Dead has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.

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