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If this is October then there must be undead in Toronto


It’s October again, which means, for Toronto, a whole lot of undead happenings.  Beside the Toronto Zombie Walk (and Halloween Parade), two great live horror film adaptations return to Hogtown. At Fan Expo 2013, we had a chance to talk for a few moments with Christopher Bond and Mike “Nug” Nahrgang about their involvement with the upcoming productions of both “Evil Dead the Musical” and “Night of the Living Dead Live“.

After that is a bonus interview that was originally recorded at Fan Expo 2012, and thought to be lost when we had a hard drive failure.  This one includes Russ Streiner and John Russo, from the 1968 original Night of the Living Dead, as well as Chris Harrison and Phil Pattison.

We here at RGB have seen both productions in the past, more than once, and can attest to them both being spectacular shows.  If you can only attend one play this year, flip a coin between these two, because there’s no undead in Les Mis.

Night of the Living Dead Live – runs from Oct 5th to Oct 27th at Theatre Passe Murraille

Evil Dead the Musical – runs from Oct 24th to Nov 16th at The Randolph Theatre

Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade – put on your best shambling shoes and take a stroll with the undead on October 26th.

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