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Bionic Antboy webcomic

Shameless self-promotion time. Bionic Antboy is a weekly web comic that originally started out as a video game idea a long time ago. Since The Practical Dead is in an on-again/off-again state of flux, I started working on Antboy when time afforded it. Now, with 4 months worth of pages under my belt, and more pages already in the can, it’s probably a good time to share it.

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The Practical Dead

This post is both a shameless self-promotion and an explanation of sorts. Over the past while, the site has been quieter than usual. While there’s still more to come from Fan Expo, and we’ll still be writing other pieces, a lot of time has gone into another endeavour – The Practical Dead. It’s a new web comic written and drawn by myself and RGB’s own Rebel Scum. What is The Practical Dead you ask?

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Fan Expo 2010 – Bedlam Ink

The folks over at Bedlam Ink, who are charged with doing additional storytelling for the new Showcase series Lost Girl were at the Fan Expo booth this year.  This included both a printed comic, which is a standalone story, as well as a motion comic that works as a prequel to the TV series.  Jessie, Navid and Tigh from Bedlam Ink were kind enough to take some time to talk with us about how the comics tie into the series, and some of the process of developing the comics for…

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Fan Expo 2010 – Snakor’s Pizza Interview

What happens when your bid to take over the world fails, and despite your scaly visage, you’re just not good at being evil?  Get into the pizza business, of course.  That’s the premise to the comic Snakor’s Pizza, about a wannabe super villain who has to turn to a more practical career choice when his dream dies. Peter talks with writer Sean (SJ) Jordan (aka The Wordburglar) and artist Kody Peters about ideas behind the comic and their influences.  While available in print, you can get a taste of it…

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Fan Expo 2010 – Lar deSouza Interview

Lar deSouza, the rather prolific artist of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group, let us sit down with him ‘in booth’ during Fan Expo this year.  Despite almost constantly drawing and signing, something I gather he does all the time no matter where he is, he found the time to talk about the different approaches he takes for each of the webcomics he works on, and the value of trying to copy another artist’s style, not for the end result, but to figure out their process.

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TCAF 2010 – Ryan North Interview

Alex interviews Ryan North, creator of the popular webcomic Dinosaur Comics, at the 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival  Besides talking about Dinosaur Comics, Ryan gives us his take on what web comics mean for comics in general, as well as using social media to get the word out, without abusing your readers’ trust. Ryan also talks a little about his awesome Time Traveler Essentials Shirt, which you can see after the jump.

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