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Rocksmith Overview at Fan Expo 2011

Ubisoft had quite a bit going on at Fan Expo in Toronto this year.  One of the upcoming titles that caught our eye was Rocksmith, which puts a new spin on the rhythm guitar game.  It’s specfically designed to work with any electric guitar, which plugs into your Xbox 360, PS3 or PC via a USB adapter, and uses the chords you strum to keep track.

In the video above, you can catch Ryan’s talk with Adam from Ubisoft, who also demos the game using an Epiphone Les Paul plugged in via a quarter inch to USB adapter hooked up to an Xbox 360. Rocksmith will gauge how well you’re playing as you progress through journey mode, adding more notes as you get better.  Although there was no confirmed number, the game will come with somewhere between 40 and 50 songs at launch, and will bring DLC to the table as well.

While rhythm games may have seen better days, this would be the perfect tool for the thousands of budding rock stars who have bought electric guitars serving more as decorations in their homes, or taking up space in their garages, than actual instruments.  And if you have a tin ear, the game will also help you tune your axe of choice. You can catch a second video of the game in action below…

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