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Deus Ex – The Title Sequence

The always wonderful to read “Art of the Title”, which focuses on the craft of creating effective title sequences, generally using film and TV, has posted its first game sequence, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Included is an extensive interview with both Paul Furminger from Goldtooth Creative (director of the sequence) and Jean-François Dugas from Eidos-Montreal (Game Director).

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – review

Before we get into the meat of this game, I’d like to start with the lesson I most sincerely hope every other studio takes away from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. How to handle morality systems. Straight, DX:HR has the best morality system ever implemented in a game. It handles player choices in a way that is meaningful, powerful, and allows you to genuinely effect the way the game plays out. How does it do that?

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Elias Toufexis Interview – Fan Expo 2011

While he hasn’t had time to finish it (yet), Peter has nothing but praise for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  That’s why we decided he would probably be the best person to talk to Elias Toufexis, who plays the lead role of Adam Jensen in the game. With a lead time of about four years, it’s not surprising that Elias didn’t recognize some of his own bits of dialogue when he himself was playing the game. As a side note, now that I’ve put a few hours into Deus Ex, I have to say…

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