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Deus Ex – The Title Sequence

The always wonderful to read “Art of the Title“, which focuses on the craft of creating effective title sequences, generally using film and TV, has posted its first game sequence, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Included is an extensive interview with both Paul Furminger from Goldtooth Creative (director of the sequence) and Jean-François Dugas from Eidos-Montreal (Game Director). 

Art of the Title: Could you tell us about the original concept for the title sequence and how it was developed?

Jean-François Dugas: It started with us at Eidos-Montreal. We knew we wanted a sequence that would tell the story of Adam Jensen’s life being saved on an operating table. The thing is, we didn’t want anything basic or expected. We wanted something more stylish and conceptual. We talked to the guys at Goldtooth Creative and explained our idea as to the direction we wanted to take and they started to pitch really creative ideas.

Paul Furminger: Central to the game is the exploration of the murky boundary between man and machine in a technological age. In the opening scene, Adam Jensen, the first-person protagonist, is attacked and left for dead. Without consent, his employer reconstructs his body, saving his life
but changing him forever. It was this reconstruction that we needed to depict in the opening title sequence – to show machinery slowly taking over Adam’s body and, more importantly, to show his body accepting the augmentations, using them to become stronger, to become something more than human.

The two discuss influences, and the process, in great detail.  The article is full of concept art as well as visualization and multi-pass render samples.  Definitely worth the deep dive.

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