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Rocksmith Overview at Fan Expo 2011

Ubisoft had quite a bit going on at Fan Expo in Toronto this year.  One of the upcoming titles that caught our eye was Rocksmith, which puts a new spin on the rhythm guitar game.  It’s specfically designed to work with any electric guitar, which plugs into your Xbox 360, PS3 or PC via a USB adapter, and uses the chords you strum to keep track. In the video above, you can catch Ryan’s talk with Adam from Ubisoft, who also demos the game using an Epiphone Les Paul plugged in…

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Dancing Assassins – a random moment from Fan Expo

Some of the best things to happen at conventions are totally random, and you don’t expect to have your camera running at the time. At Fan Expo this year, we all happened to be in the right place at the right time. The above video is the result of a bunch of random cosplay Ezios and Altairs milling around the Ubisoft booth when they’re starting a Just Dance 3 contest.

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Child of Eden review: Fleeting Genius

If I had to categorize Child of Eden, it would be a “first person J-pop electronica visualizer science fiction dance rail shooter”. While that sounds like a disjointed mouthful, everything flows together seamlessly. Taking place in the same universe as Q Entertainment’s earlier Rez, Child of Eden ups the ante in all respects, making it a singular experience, that all but achieves designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s goal of inducing synesthesia in the player, delightfully crossing the wires between sound and vision.

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Child of Eden preview

Our time spent with Child Of Eden was similarly engrossing, and even surpasses its predecessor in many ways. While the ‘inside the network’ storyline continues, visually the game is more lush, replacing many of the vector outlines with vibrant colours. The blending of audio and video carries over from Rez, and playing it on Kinect brings even more to the game.

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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – polished to near perfection

Before jumping into the review of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, here’s a little backstory.  If you haven’t played the first two games, and are one of those “don’t offend my eyes with spoilers” type, you’ve been forewarned.  Just skip ahead to where it says “The review” and you’ll be fine.  Some of this just isn’t going to make sense. A quick backstory The original Assassin’s Creed is a science fiction game, in which modern day bartender Desmond Miles is kidnapped by a company called Abstergo and strapped to a machine called…

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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer interview

Now that PS3 owners have had the pleasure of trying out the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer demo, Ubisoft has taken to showing off the different modes more openly, and discussing their plans going forward.  The main challenge in multiplayer was to find game modes that actually work with the franchise.  To keep in the spirit of the franchise, the players are actually Templars training in the Animus, running through various simulations, which represent the different multiplayer modes. We had a chance to talk with Christophe Grandjean of Ubisoft Montreal about…

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Ubisoft crossover fever: Assassins Creed, CSI and Pets to have Facebook components

Do you like console gaming, but somehow find yourself wasting too much time on Facebook, making you fell guilty for not using your beatiful next gen console to its fullest potential? Depending on how you look at it, maybe Ubisoft is going to give you a reason to fire up the console more often, or maybe they’re just going to suck you all the way into the black (and blue – so much blue) pit that is Fb. At a press conference in San Francisco, they’ve announced that they’ll be…

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Child of Eden at Tokyo Game Show – Rez Super HD?

Child of Eden, from Q? Entertainment, the spiritual successor to Rez HD (Rez remade), had an extended demonstration at the Tokyo Game show. If you’re not familiar with Rez HD, it’s ostensibly a 3rd person shooter where your hacker avatar attempts to infiltrate an advanced computer network controlled by an AI named Eden. The game itself was completely on rails, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the best titles released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. What makes that game stand out is it’s balance of visuals and…

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Kinect for Xbox 360: on display in Toronto and soon Montreal

If you’ve been hearing about Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360, but haven’t yet had a chance to see it in person, you can get an early hands on right now, as long as you’re in Toronto.  To help promote the launch of the full body interface, Microsoft has leased a storefront and filled 2 storeys with Kinectified Xbox 360s, to give the public a chance to go hands on, as it were. Covering 2 floors, there’s a variety of playable demos, including Kinect Sports from Rare, Your Shape: Fitness…

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At X’10 – Assassins Creed Brotherhood brings new multiplayer mode

(or hit the YouTube version) Aleissia Laidacker from Ubisoft Montreal takes us through some of the opening of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and chats with us about some of the new features in both single and multiplayer modes.  Ubisoft appears to have further refined and added new elements to the engine, which includes a lot more horseplay (literally), some new mission variety, and at least one multiplayer mode that they’re openly talking about. There ARE some spoilers in the video above, and after the break, so keep that in mind.

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Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Launch Party July 19th, pre-order you copy at the Beguiling

To celebrate the long awaited launch of the final volume in the Epic Scott Pilgrim comic book series (soon to be a major motion picture, and video game by Ubisoft), the Beguiling comic store in Toronto is taking over Markham Street, all night long, to hold an amazing launch party. Along with an appearance by author Bryan Lee O’Malley, who will be on-hand to sign copies of the book at midnight, there will be other amazing events, such as live music, and an indie gaming arcade presented by, the Hand…

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E3 2010 – keynote round up.

Even though you may have seen live blogs of the major keynotes from E3 this year, you may have missed some of the details, or even the nuance of having something told to you second hand. Luckily most of those keynotes can still be seen online. Now you can play the Sony and Microsoft keynotes side by side and decide who looks goofier, someone using Kinect, or someone using Move. In order of appearence: Microsoft – Electronic Arts – Ubisoft Nintendo – Sony – Kinect

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