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Toshiba glasses-free 3D Qosimo F750 laptop

One thing we weren’t expecting to see at Fan Expo this year was new laptop technology.  While game franchises have become a major part of conventions in the past few years, with the convergence of geek culture, it’s usually a matter of game titles, not the hardware underneath it.  So when we came across the Toshiba booth, which had their new Qosimo glasses-free 3D laptop on display, we had to take a look.

To achieve the glasses-free display, the laptop makes use of head tracking software in conjunction with the cameras mounted in the frame of the display, which is capable of tracking a single person.  The software was able to focus on a single face in just a couple of seconds, and managed to keep up with all but the most extreme of head feints of the kind you only engage in when testing the limits of the software.  Due to the nature of the display, you won’t be sharing your 3D gaming and movie moments with anyone, but since laptop viewing is generally a solo affair, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  It DID manage to lock onto a new face very quickly when we took turns, though it got a little confused when two people were prominent in the frame.

As for the 3D effect itself, it was actually pretty impressive.  The screen is able to display both full screen 3D, and 3D content in a window without a hitch, the latter of which looks just a little bit freaky.  While I found that my eyes adjusted to 3D viewing rather quickly, Ryan had a little more trouble, partially due to his prescription.  The software had no problem tracking his face with his glasses on, some people with specs may find the 3D effect of varying quality.  The system is capable of diplaying 3D content from Blu-ray

The Qosimo F750 is definitely aimed at the higher end laptop market, with a starting price that clocks in at $1,799 Canadian.  For that you get a 2nd gen Core i7 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 15.6 inch display with 1920×1080 native resolution, Harmon Kardon speakers and a SuperMulti CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc, with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed. You can check out the full specs on the Toshiba website.

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