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SkyDrive updates for PC and Mac / Google Drive launches

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage has been around for a number of years now, providing users with up to 25 GB of free storage, with their Live ID login.  Yesterday, they updated the service by releasing an updated Skydrive application for both Windows (Vista, 7 and 8 ) and Mac OS X (Lion). Once installed and you provide the proper login, the SkyDrive folder simply appears as another folder in Windows Explorer and the Mac Finder, much like other cloud solutions such as DropBox.  The maximum filesize has also recently climbed…

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Team Fortress 2 now on OS X, FREE this weekend

After Valve’s successful launch of Steam for Mac, this weekend sees the release one of the most anticipated Valve Mac games, Team Fortress 2, where the eternal debate of Mac vs. PC can finally be settled on the digital battlefield (Steam Play supports cross-platform play). The day Ian Fleming invented penicillin. The day scientists invented the moon landing. The day Sir Isaac Newton distracted the policemen investigating his wife’s murder by discovering gravity. All of these historic moments have two things in common. They helped steer the course of human…

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