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Child of Eden review: Fleeting Genius

If I had to categorize Child of Eden, it would be a “first person J-pop electronica visualizer science fiction dance rail shooter”. While that sounds like a disjointed mouthful, everything flows together seamlessly. Taking place in the same universe as Q Entertainment’s earlier Rez, Child of Eden ups the ante in all respects, making it a singular experience, that all but achieves designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s goal of inducing synesthesia in the player, delightfully crossing the wires between sound and vision.

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Smelling Light and Hearing Shapes

Sense and Sensibility 2.0 Synesthesia: the translation of one sensory mode into another, is no longer the domain of New Age mystics and lightshow designers. A deeper understanding of the neural structures underlying perception is creating  very literal crossovers in how we think about the senses. With this, the possibility of a radical rewiring of how we experience the world is visible (tasteable, audible, touchable…). Two recent items from Science Daily: At Harvard neurobiologists are using optogenetically engineered mice that respond to light through their olfactory system; the sense of…

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