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Child of Eden review: Fleeting Genius

If I had to categorize Child of Eden, it would be a “first person J-pop electronica visualizer science fiction dance rail shooter”. While that sounds like a disjointed mouthful, everything flows together seamlessly. Taking place in the same universe as Q Entertainment’s earlier Rez, Child of Eden ups the ante in all respects, making it a singular experience, that all but achieves designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s goal of inducing synesthesia in the player, delightfully crossing the wires between sound and vision.

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Child of Eden preview

Our time spent with Child Of Eden was similarly engrossing, and even surpasses its predecessor in many ways. While the ‘inside the network’ storyline continues, visually the game is more lush, replacing many of the vector outlines with vibrant colours. The blending of audio and video carries over from Rez, and playing it on Kinect brings even more to the game.

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Child of Eden at Tokyo Game Show – Rez Super HD?

Child of Eden, from Q? Entertainment, the spiritual successor to Rez HD (Rez remade), had an extended demonstration at the Tokyo Game show. If you’re not familiar with Rez HD, it’s ostensibly a 3rd person shooter where your hacker avatar attempts to infiltrate an advanced computer network controlled by an AI named Eden. The game itself was completely on rails, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the best titles released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. What makes that game stand out is it’s balance of visuals and…

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