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Interview with Viktor Kalvachev

Ryan talks with Viktor Kalvachev, writer for the Image Comic “Blue Estate“, a deliciously lurid pulp comic with some of the best covers I’ve seen around in a while. Given the twisty nature of the plot, a team of artist take turns drawing different sections of the story. Viktor talks about some of the unique challenges working on a multi-artist book, including supplying maquettes of the main characters so that the artistic team has a similar frame of reference.

Kate Sherrod, of Suppertime Sonnets fame, reviewed the comic as part of her Sunday Comics roundup and had this to say about it…

This comic is growing on me. At first I thought it was trying too hard, and while it still is, it’s succeeding a lot of the time. This is a very convoluted crime story — actually several crime stories all interwoven in amusing and intriguing ways (each new issue starts off with a helpful diagram to illustrate the complexities of the relationships between the characters it highlights): money laundering, murder plots, real estate tomfoolery, and the making of stupid B-movies starring the head bad guy’s Russian girlfriend. Neither the HBG nor the RG are in this issue, but I didn’t notice their lack until the end, watching henchmen hench (and fiddle around with a lady’s wig collection). It’s all presented in a hilarious cartoony style that reminds me of John K. (of Ren & Stimpy fame) and some really great coloring. Really great — the coloring is what first caught my eye. If you wish Quentin Tarantino would lay off the French film snobbery and kung-fu kookiness and just go back to making stuff like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, this is the comic for you.

You can also catch more of Kate’s comic reviews here.

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