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The Known World of Game Of Thrones mapped onto rotating Earth


During a re-read of A Song Of Ice And Fire, I wanted to the a better sense of the scale of the world. There are some great two dimensional maps out there, including an interactive map at that shows character paths over time, but I was looking for something more visual…

Regarding the actual size of the globe: The books don’t hint that the characters have knowledge of a spherical world (at least as far as I know), but apparently George R.R. Martin has said the planet is roughly Earth sized. Some calculations put it as larger, while others say it’s smaller

Ultimately, with no word from on high, mapping the alternate Earth of Westeros onto the actual Earth makes some sense, until more specific information is available.

On mapping the map: In converting a medieval style map to a Mercator projection suitable for a globe, I had to do some distortion to keep some semblance of accuracy. The latitude information should be accurate, but there’ll be some longitudinal distortion (east-west distances).

That being said, with places like Qarth and the Red Waste suggesting climates close to the equator, and The Wall obviously north, it seems safe to speculate that the planet is roughly Earth sized. Sure it’s speculation, but even if it’s not “accurate” to George R.R. Martin’s (unrevealed) ideal, the animation gives a good indication of the scale of the world of Ice and Fire in relation to our own Earth.

Sources: There were a few semi-complete mappings of just Westeros, usually on top of the United Kingdom/Europe. That works to a certain extent, but in looking for distances, I came across the following…

From there, it was easy to figure out that from the southern edge of Dorne to The Wall is the same distance from the southern edge of Florida to Devon Island, which is just north of Baffin Island in northern Canada.

Observations: Whether we assume a larger planet or an Earth sized one, it appears that the Sunset Sea is larger than the Pacific Ocean, if we assume there relatively little land to the east of the Known World map.

The reasoning for this relative lack of land is that it’s a part of the of lore of Westeros that humans came to Westeros from Essos. People in Westeros have knowledge of the lands as far east as Asshai, and the Shadow Lands, including the “corpse city” of Stygai, but little beyond that.

On a grand scale, it seems that humanity got its start either in Essos itself, or maybe Sothoryos, and spread both east and west from there. Of course, there is very little information about Sothoroyos itself, except that it’s supposedly a very large continent.

Note: I made this for the hell of it, and don’t claim any accuracy. If there’s ways to make it more accurate I’d love to know.

EXTRA: Here’s the two dimensional Mercator remapping I made (lower resolution than the 10,000 plus pixel wide version)


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