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The Known World of Game Of Thrones mapped onto rotating Earth

During a re-read of A Song Of Ice And Fire, I wanted to the a better sense of the scale of the world. There are some great two dimensional maps out there, including an interactive map at that shows character paths over time, but I was looking for something more visual…

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Timelapse Video on effects of aging reveals something unexpected

A video project called “Danielle”, released by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello attempts to portray the effects of aging on the face, and does so to good effect, but it also reveals something I personally found more interesting.  I’d recommend watching the video before reading the rest of this article, as there are some spoilers ahead. Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo. First, a little background.  Last year, Cerniello went to his friend Danielle’s family reunion, and took photos of many of her extended family members.  From there, he selected the photos of members who had the most…

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4th dimension surfing as video art

I actually came across the above video via Boing Boing a couple of days ago, but just haven’t stopped watching it, so that’s why it’s getting posted on a Sunday morning.  In the video, Don Whitaker has taken footage of the Oregon coast, and by putting it through a Processing script that re-creates the slitscan technique for the digital age, creates a haunting and sometimes eerie landscape that appears to be at point plucked straight out of one’s subconsciousness. Slitscan imaging techniques are used to create static images of time-based…

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This video just Blu my mind

Argentinian graffiti artist Blu, who made waves a couple of years ago with his breakout animation MUTO, is back, and he’s not alone. This time he’s teamed up with American artist David Ellis to create COMBO, an expansive work that uses not only paint and ink, but the building itself as a medium rather than just a canvas. It’s a brilliant vision brought to life through decidedly old-skool means. From Designboom: the latest BLU animation was made at the fame festival in southern italy. the animated graffiti took over a…

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