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Reddit flash fiction Rome Sweet Rome snapped up by Warner Bros.

Rome Sweet Rome, a sci-fi adventure story that first found life online, has been bought up by Warner Brothers, and destined for the big screen.  The story itself was penned by James Erwin, who besides writing flash fiction in response to random questions, is a two time Jeopardy champion.  The inspiration?

So I’ve been watching HBO’s Rome and Generation Kill simultaneously and it’s lead me to fantasize about traveling back in time with modern troops and equipment to remove that self-righteous little twat Octavian (Augustus) from power.

Let’s say we go back in time with a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), since the numbers of members and equipment is listed for our convenience in this Wikipedia article, could we destroy all 30 of Augustus’ legions?

This was the question posed by reddit user The_Quiet_Earth over a month ago.  James proceeded to outline a daily journal of sorts, starting with Day 1 of the MEU appearing in ancient Rome.  The story gained a lot of followers, myself included and spawned the Rome Sweet Rome subreddit, with numerous additions, mock trailers, movie posters and more.  As the popularity of the story grew, Erwin was contacted by Madhouse Entertainment, which ultimately led to the deal signed with Warner Brothers.

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