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Michael Biehn Interview at Fan Expo 2011

We caught up with Michael Biehn and his wife Jennifer Blanc at their Fan Expo signing table. We originally expected to only get a couple of minutes with them, but it turned out to be the longest interview of the show.

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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011 kicks off eight nights of horror

Tonight marks the start of the 6th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which runs for 8 nights at the Toronto Underground Cinema, with the Canadian horror comedy “Monster Brawl”. Over the years TADFF has grown to become a breakout festival, featuring horror and science fiction films that one may normally not get a chance to see on the big screen.

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Rubber – film review

“The film you are about to see is an homage to ‘no reason’, that most powerful element of style.” This is the manifesto that opens Rubber, delivered directly to the audience in a breaking of the fourth wall that is somewhat like taking a pound of dynamite to a pane of glass. Rubber is a “horror” film about a black rubber car tyre that kills people by making their heads explode.  With telepathy. And when I say “horror” I do of course mean “side-splittingly funny, pitch black, absurdist comedy.” Screened…

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Black Death – film review

In Black Death, screened this year at Toronto After Dark, Sean Bean plays a grizzled dark ages knight who leads a small band of Agincourt veterans, torturers and murderers, plus one world shy monk, on a mission to a investigate claims of a small village that is free from the plague, because a necromancer has been using Satanic power to keep the sickness at bay. Now, show of hands; how many of you gave out a little “squeeee!” at the words “Sean Bean” and “grizzled dark ages knight”? Good.  Go…

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The Last Exorcism review

When going into The Last Excorcism, which played Monday night at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had seen the trailers, and at first blush it seemed to be treading the same ground as other documentary style horror films, from Blair Witch to Paranormal Activity, and it was also tackling the exorcism sub-genre that The Exorcist still holds the crown after almost 40 years earlier still holds the crown for.  All this, combined with the name Eli Roth, made me wary.  Though not…

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The Last Lovecraft – Opening night at Toronto After Dark

The Last Lovecraft: Relic Of Cthulhu kicked off the opening gala at the 5th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival last night, and also marked the film’s international premiere.  The film a horror comedy that sits in the same space as Jack Brooks Monster Slayer and, reaching back a bit, the original Tremors.  While I’m not sure it’s bound for cult classic status, the film does have it’s moments, and offers a humourous take on the Lovecraftian mythos, including an opening credit sequence that was reminiscent of the 80’s cult…

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Toronto After Dark Film Festival announces lineup

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has opened its online box office and released their 2010 lineup.  This is the 5th year for the TADFF, which runs from August 13th to 20th at the legendary Bloor Cinema.  TADFF’s eclectic mix of horror, sci-fi and other genre pictures often includes a number of films that rarely get Canadian screening, and it’s good to see they’re keeping up with that tradition. Although the whole lineup is solid, like every year, there are a few films in particular that stand out.  This time…

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