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iPhone 5: 5 days in

So Friday Sept 21 finally arrived, and with it, the latest iteration of the venerable iPhone. Me being the new-toy-nerd that I am, and one that is beginning to come to grips with what may be a severe case of Fanboyism, I dutifully ran down to my local Rogers store and waited in line with the masses to get my hands on the shiny gadget I’d wanted all my life…since 9 days prior

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Adobe and the mobile revolution: tablets, napkins, and the creative process

It’s been a busy month for Adobe so far. Hot on the heels of the recent preview of Photoshop on the iPad, Adobe has today released the official Photoshop Touch SDK for tablet devices. The fact that Adobe has decided to release an SDK is exciting, since it strongly indicates that not only are we a step closer to a full-featured Photopshop app for tablets, but also full Photoshop integration into the core builds of third-party applications. From the press release: The Photoshop Touch SDK and a new scripting engine…

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Photoshop on the iPad: Does it change anything?

Am I getting an iPad? Well that’s a fairly loaded question, filled with doubts and questions as to the practicality of such a purchase. I mean, it’s not a phone, and it’s not a laptop, and given that my day job means I spend a lot of time in teh photoshopz, the iPad doesn’t really fill a productivity niche for me, short of the ability to present concepts and materials to a small group in a quiet room. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want one.

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New Steelseries headsets, ready for your PS3 & iPad

When we looked at a couple of SteelSeries’ gaming peripherals last year, the Xai mouse and 6GV2 keyboard, we were very impressed by both their quality and the technology inside. We were also impressed by the fact that, compared to most ‘gaming’ gadgets, their design was understated — even elegant. Very Apple-like, you could say. Now SteelSeries has decided to broaden their audio options to ”meet Apple Performance Standards for Music, Mobile, and Gaming”. Updated versions of the 7H and Siberia v2 headsets, already available for PC gamers, are coming…

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Canalys shows Android overtaking Nokia in the world

The latest US numbers from Canalys show that Android has now surpassed Nokia as the best selling smartphone OS in the world.  Though it started off slow, Android grew from 8.7% of the market in Q4 2009 to a massive 32.9% in Q4 2010.   The big drop was for Nokia, which plummeted from 44.4% to 30.6% in the same timespan.  All other smartphones saw a drop as well, with Apple’s iOS dropping less than a percent, while RIM dropped almost 6%.  Since Windows Phone 7 launched in the middle of…

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Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab: Hands On Video

Although no official launch dates are announced, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is set to appear on both Rogers and Bell here in Canada, probably by the end of November.  We had a chance to get our hands on one, and came away suitably impressed. The Android based tablet, seen as the second mainstream device in the tablet behind the iPad, sports a 7 inch 1024×600 display using Samsung’s Super LCD screen technology, making it about half the size of the iPad.  Unlike the silver back of the European version, Samsung…

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