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Splitscreen: A Love Story shot on Nokia N8

Winner of the recent Nokia Shorts 2011 filmmaking competition, Splitscreen: A Love Story is a short film shot entirely with Nokia’s N8 mobile phone (in 720P @ 25fps). The surprisingly watchable footage uses dual frames to represent two ‘days in the life’ — one set in Paris and one in New York — with the shots arranged to show the two lives proceeding in harmony, half a world apart. (They don’t stay apart, though. Watch and see.)

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Mind-Probing HUD Glasses Finally Invented: Cyborgs Rejoice

He’s walking in the thoroughfare when a woman stops him and asks him for the time. As he check his psi-spectacle readout, a red alert pops up over her head — she’s anxious. What about?

Scene from a futuristic cyberpunk novel? No, apparently this is now a modern day scenario that has resulted from the research of one Rosalind Picard and others from MIT.

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A shadowy figure reviews Break Up Club

While attending the Toronto International Film Festival, I admit it was mere whimsy that kept me checking my server for another hacked file, perhaps referencing one of the films I’d seen. But I never found one, and I had come to feel quite the grandiose fool for suspecting myself the target of some film-reviewing internet conspiracy, based on a single freak occurrence. That is, until last night, when I found this…

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A shadowy figure reviews Long Pigs

[ Shortly after seeing Long Pigs while attending Fan Expo with rgbFilter, I found this transcript, JPEG-and-all, on my server’s HD. Hacking a server to randomly express an opinion about a movie seems unlikely, but since I pretty much agree with it, here it is. —PLQ. ] A shadowy figure says, “A painted grid of some kind. Quite large. Big enough to fill this whole pit. And again I see there is a three-jewelled sigil, on the far side. Always on the far side. More runes below the grid seem…

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Translating Fraser Speirs on iPad

Giving you the likely thinking behind this post by Fraser Speirs, quoted in its entirety [and translated] below… I’ll have more to say on the iPad later but one can’t help being struck by the volume and vehemence of apparently technologically sophisticated people inveighing against the iPad. [Many who normally love everything Apple and defend their products at length have a serious problem with this product. These traitors must be dealt with.] Some are trying to dismiss these ravings by comparing them to certain comments made after the launch of…

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A ‘Swipe File’ Controversy and the Anxiety of Influence

I am about to link you to a comment section on somebody else’s blog, in which I am hilariously informed by Andrew Weiss that I belong in ‘The Directory of Internet Martyrs forthcoming from Who Gives a Shit Press’. The comment was sharply written, and not far off the mark. Are you surprised that I am telling you this? If so, then I have a bone to pick with you that is similar to the bone I have to pick with those who are outraged (those being Dave Ex Machina,…

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Jumpcut: Best Before June 15th

And by ‘best before’ I mean ‘nonexistent after’… Most of my personal film projects are primarily linked at Jumpcut. I kinda knew this was coming lately, in fact, I should have seen the writing on the wall the moment Jumpcut was bigfished by the aimless monstrosity that is Yahoo!, but I procrastinated and it’s still going to be a huge pain in the ass. Time to start chasing down them dead links! Dear Jumpcut user, After careful consideration, we will be officially closing the site on June 15, 2009….

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Warren Ellis’s Webcomics Week Explored – Part 1

What do you get when you select all the webcomics artists who follow a certain foulmouthed comics writer by the name of Warren Ellis (of Transmetropolitan fame, and currently writing FreakAngels and Ignition City)? When such selection is jumpstarted by Ellis putting out the call personally on Twitter, you get a motherfucking kickass webcomics roundup thread, that’s what. It’s not the first time he’s done this, but the collection appears to be snowballing. I’ve only tackled the first three-odd pages of the thread so far in my reading and in…

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Cydia Apps for a Time Walker’s Phone II

This iPhone screenshot is from an episode of a TV show called Flashpoint, which I discovered on my hard drive, and with which I discovered that the most common video container in the world (anything ending in .AVI), is unplayable on this ‘iPhone’ handset! It took a little bit of screwing with to get right, but there is an MPlayer app on Cydia you can use to watch this forbidden format. With a few skips and jumps, and provided you don’t sic it on anything too hi-rez, it works. But…

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Cydia Apps for a Time Walker’s iPhone

I feel like I am already familiar with certain apps on this iPhone device, although I’ve never used them before. If your brains were to spontaneously explode, for example, over a square kilometre, your memories would lie disconnected on the ground in an amplified map of their former positions inside your head. Tiny differences in cranial coordinates would translate to much larger differences over a square kilometre. Someone – maybe even the next ‘someone’ to squat in your now-empty skull – could even decode that map. Well, okay, so the…

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