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iSealClub smacked by Apple’s ban hammer

You know, it’s gotten to the point where reporting the latest apps to be banned by Apple and it’s dark overlord is pointless.  It happens all the time, and often for no good reason.  This time it’s a Newfoundland app maker and his variation on Whack-A-Mole, iSealClub.  The main reasons I’m pointing this one out is I’ve eaten seal – not much cuppa tea but hey – and that it’s been mis-characterized in the press… Sure, Apple banned our Be Nice to Bunnies app after catching a glimpse of sexy…

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Translating Fraser Speirs on iPad

Giving you the likely thinking behind this post by Fraser Speirs, quoted in its entirety [and translated] below… I’ll have more to say on the iPad later but one can’t help being struck by the volume and vehemence of apparently technologically sophisticated people inveighing against the iPad. [Many who normally love everything Apple and defend their products at length have a serious problem with this product. These traitors must be dealt with.] Some are trying to dismiss these ravings by comparing them to certain comments made after the launch of…

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