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The Best Way To Read Webcomics

Webcomics. There’s a metric tonne of them out there. Some, like the ever-popular XKCD and Penny Arcade follow along the lines of newspaper strips, while others are delivering individual pages of an extended graphic novels one page at a time, usually once or twice a week. If you read more than one or two, keeping track of them all can be cumbersome, until now…

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The Short Story is Not Dead!

Book Publishing D.I.Y. Yes, these guys want you to buy their book…today. A flash mob bestseller…can it be done? Taking their cues from the indie comic publishers, a brave band of editors, writers and illustrators are launching a short story anthology, “Machine of Death“, to make a point to the big publishing guys. Read any good books lately? If not, then check out the MoD site for an entertaining rant about why that might be. Originally inspired by an episode of Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics, MoD is edited by North,…

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Fan Expo 2010 – Freelance Blues

Freelance Blues is a new indie comic from the minds of Mike Leone and Ian Daffran.  A comedic take on Lovecraftian horrors mixed with the real horror of moving from job to job, the third issue was launched during Fan Expo this year.  Although the series artist, Vicki Tierney, wasn’t on hand, we sat down and talked with the writers… well, more like stood there while they talked about what Freelance Blues is about, and what else they may have in the works. You can check out the first issue…

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Fan Expo 2010 – Caanan Grall Interview

While make our way through artist alley, one of the many tables that caught our eye was that of Caanan Grall, creator of Max Overacts and Celadore, the latter which originally appeared as part of DC Comics ZUDA online experiment.  After taking a look at some of his work on Celadore, we had a quick chat about the upcoming graphic novel release of Celadore. Be sure to check out the Max Overacts webcomic.

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Warren Ellis’s Webcomics Week Explored – Part 1

What do you get when you select all the webcomics artists who follow a certain foulmouthed comics writer by the name of Warren Ellis (of Transmetropolitan fame, and currently writing FreakAngels and Ignition City)? When such selection is jumpstarted by Ellis putting out the call personally on Twitter, you get a motherfucking kickass webcomics roundup thread, that’s what. It’s not the first time he’s done this, but the collection appears to be snowballing. I’ve only tackled the first three-odd pages of the thread so far in my reading and in…

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