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Pure Pwnage Android app l33t Speaker beta demonstrated

At Fan Expo, Geoff Lapaire of Pure Pwnage was kind enough to give us a look at the still-in-beta app that they’re developing for Android phones (an update to the already available iPhone app).  The soundboard app, l33t Speaker, will have both basic and Pro versions, and Geoff shows it off on his Nexus One.  The soundboard is a popular app category, but sound quality can sometimes be an issue.  Since this is an official app, not only is the sound quality going to be top notch, but they’ve actually recorded audio directly for the app.

No official announcement yet as to the release date, but Geoff did say he hopes it would be in the next couple of weeks.  He also drops a hint that there’s at least one other app in the works, called Boom Headshot, but no details on that.

[YouTube version]

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