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At X’10 – Halo: Reach sneak peak

One of the closed door events at X’10 this year was for the highly anticipated final chapter of Halo, at least from Bungie.  Unfortunately, once we were ushered behind the heavy curtains we weren’t allowed to actually record anything, but we did get to see the first single player missions, Noble Actual and Winter Contingency in action.  The single player gameplay was exactly what one would expect out of Halo, with even more polish put on the engine itself.  While Reach introduces squad play, there’s no real squad mechanic in…

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Crackdown 2 hands-on and interview

When the original Crackdown came out, it came with a code to access the early beta of Halo 3. At the time, some considered Crackdown to be the bonus game you get when your buy your early access pass to the beta.  Some complained that this was just a crass marketing ploy to move more copies, which it undoubtedly did.  If you look past those meta arguments though, Crackdown was also a bright, vibrant, open world superhero sandbox which in many ways still holds its own against the newer entrants…

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