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At X’10 – Halo: Reach sneak peak

One of the closed door events at X’10 this year was for the highly anticipated final chapter of Halo, at least from Bungie.  Unfortunately, once we were ushered behind the heavy curtains we weren’t allowed to actually record anything, but we did get to see the first single player missions, Noble Actual and Winter Contingency in action.  The single player gameplay was exactly what one would expect out of Halo, with even more polish put on the engine itself.  While Reach introduces squad play, there’s no real squad mechanic in…

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Toshiba mini museum of portable computing

At the Primer Party for NXNEi, we got more than a hands on with Toshiba’s Satellite A660-042 3D laptop.  There was a mini Toshiba portable computing museum lined up against the wall, though it’s amazing how 20 years or so has really redefined the meaning of ‘portable’. Unfortunately, none of the pieces were powered up, we did have an opportunity to lift some of these beasts, including the Toshiba T5200C, the first 16 colour portable computer which back in it’s day was $17,000 and 18.7 lbs.  Also on hand was…

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