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The death of DSLR revisited: Blackmagic Design’s new affordable digital motion picture camera

Amid all the shiny new toys announced and demoed at NAB 2012 by the usual suspects of companies such as RED, Arri and Canon, one company not even known for cameras at all lay the smackdown on all the camera manufacturers. Past the initial shock and gadget giddiness, I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts on this exciting new development.

Blackmagic Design -best known for their high end video capture cards and cross converters- unveiled their new DIgital Cinema Camera to the shock of everybody at NAB2012. It is a 2.5K camera that shoots in Prores, AVID DNx, and RAW in the ADOBE CinemaDNG format in 23.976/24p/25p/29.97/30p fps. All for $2995 USD. This is big news. Seriously. The key lies in how it shoots and records

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Adobe and the mobile revolution: tablets, napkins, and the creative process

It’s been a busy month for Adobe so far. Hot on the heels of the recent preview of Photoshop on the iPad, Adobe has today released the official Photoshop Touch SDK for tablet devices. The fact that Adobe has decided to release an SDK is exciting, since it strongly indicates that not only are we a step closer to a full-featured Photopshop app for tablets, but also full Photoshop integration into the core builds of third-party applications. From the press release: The Photoshop Touch SDK and a new scripting engine…

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Photoshop on the iPad: Does it change anything?

Am I getting an iPad? Well that’s a fairly loaded question, filled with doubts and questions as to the practicality of such a purchase. I mean, it’s not a phone, and it’s not a laptop, and given that my day job means I spend a lot of time in teh photoshopz, the iPad doesn’t really fill a productivity niche for me, short of the ability to present concepts and materials to a small group in a quiet room. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want one.

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Mobile Flash’s Growing Pains

I’ve recently commented on the lack of games on Android and thought that the Android market could use a good tower defense game. Of course, it would be nice to make money on my side projects, so I thought it would be really good to port my game to iOS and other modern devices, maximizing my potential market and ideally, selling a lot more games. The problem is that me and a friend working on a game don’t have the time, energy or mental fortitude to port our game to…

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Adobe Demos It’s Plenoptic Lens and Software

From the realm of cool news,  Adobe recently demoed a radical technology involving a Plenoptic Lens and a new software that will find it’s way into Photoshop eventually.  Basically, this new lens (with software help) allows still pictures to be focused and re-focussed AFTER the picture is taken.  That’s right!  AFTER the picture is taken, you can manipulate the depth of field to pretty much anywhere within the picture.  How does it do this?  The Plenoptic Lens is basically made up of a whole bunch of tiny little lenses.  The…

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Adobe’s Flash: Good, Bad or Just Ugly?

I have a few beefs with Flash… its security sandbox seems more restrictive than helpful. Most Flash vulnerabilities have something to do with null pointer exceptions rather than what programmers write, which one could point at and say “ah HA! Flash is bad!”. But when you think about it, what software doesn’t have security vulnerabilities? I mean, Apple recently dealt with a vulnerability that lets would-be hackers send an SMS that allows them to eaves drop on conversations and make your iPhone part of a botnet. Where was the outrage…

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New Photoshop features get demoed, drooled over

Adobe has released a video showing one of its new features, the “Content Aware Fill” tool. Similar to the Healing Brush tool, Content Aware allows users to paint over parts of an image to a point that they appear to have never existed at all. The video above shows this impressive new feature in a variety of common uses, but the most impressive one is hands-down the last one, in which the user fills in the missing parts of a photograph from absolute nothingness. The Content Aware tool is billed…

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Photoshop turns 20

Adobe’s Photoshop, which has become the industry’s leading image manipulation tool, recently turned 20, and Adobe has posted the above documentary on their site that’s somewhat interesting. It’s also just a smidge hyperbolic, as I can think of a lot of other events that did more to “spawn… a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime”.

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Flash 10.1 pre-release available

The long awaited version of Adobe’s Flash with support for video card (GPU) acceleration is now available for the PC in pre-release form.  The new version offloads much of the video processing to the GPU, allowing for what is said to be much better playback performance. This is especially good news for those looking to add inexpensive ION based PCs to their home theatre setup, or want better Flash performance on their netbooks, as Flash based video is just about the only format that has playback issues in high definition. …

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Flash 10.1 Update announced for (almost) everything

As the above video demonstrates, it looks like hardware acceleration for Flash video and websites is finally about to become a reality.  Adobe announced this week that the Flash 10.1 beta will support a number of mobile platforms, including Nvidia’s ION and Tegra chipsets as well as OMAP4 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. The ION GPU provides advanced graphics for low powered and low cost devices such as netbooks and small form factor PCs like the Acer Aspire Revo and ASRock ION 330.  Both the Tegra and Snapdragon are high powered…

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Mobile Flash Coming This Fall

In it’s Q2 2009 earnings presentation, Adobe mentions that Flash 10 for smartphones should hit beta October of this year.  This should mean a better quality (or, finally, the capability) of most smartphones from Nokia, Microsoft, Palm and Google amongst others to play robust Flash content on the go.  We’re assuming the beta will hit all these operation systems at the same time, and should provide a consistent Flash presentation environment. There are two major phones missing off that list though: RIM’s Blackberry line, and Apple’s iPhone.  I’m not exactly…

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