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Inception via Donald Duck

If you’re wondering what this poster is about, blame Videogum. Yesterday, they posted an article about this Scrooge McDuck comic book, which has some startling similarities to Christopher Nolan’s film Inception…

Read on if you dare the tongue in cheek spoiler alert…

If you’ve seen Inception, you should get a kick out of the odd, but effective comparison. It reads as if this comic was incepted into his subconsciousness. Although the idea of shared dreamspace and shifting realities has been a mainstay of science fiction for some time, and the life’s work of Philip K Dick, the parallels between Inception and this particular Scrooge McDuck book are uncanny. From the initial heist idea to how escaping dreams work, and much in between, it reads as a blueprint. I won’t go into any more details, because there seriously are quasi spoilers for those who haven’t seen Inception.

[originally posted at Watch Stuff, found via Xeni Jardin over at Boing Boing]

Extra credit to Bence, over at The Disney Comics Forum, who figured it out last December!

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