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Disney Epic Mickey: Not quite Disney World

For a while before it’s announcement legendary game designer Warren Spector – who has worked on classic hits such as the Ultima series, Thief, and Deus Ex – was rumored to be working on a new franchise with a new team.  That game turned out being Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii. For a licensed game with a big name behind it there has been a lot of high hopes that this would add to the list of great exclusive 2010 releases for the console. Unfortunately, after spending quite a…

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Warren Spector Epic Mickey Interview

At the recent Epic Mickey event, we talk with legendary game designer Warren Spector about the process of game development, and in particular about his underlying philosophy on player choice and consequences, regardless of setting.  In that regard, one of the points in Epic Mickey is to make sure that each choice the player is given actually does have consequences in the game. A choice without consequences is really kind of a waste of development effort and it’s a waste of players time.  Why do it? If there’s no consequence…

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Jessica Rabbit drawn in two minutes

While attending the Disney Epic Mickey event, we had the opportunity to talk to the developers, including Warren Spector, whose interview is coming up tomorrow.  That’s not what this video is about however.  At the event, they had artists on hand doing paintings and sketches, and while going through the footage I found this video of one of the artists doing a sketch of Jessica Rabbit, which he cranked out in under two minutes.  Unfortunately, as of this writing we don’t have the artist’s name, and we’ll update this as…

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