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Halo Ballet: Dance Dance Evolved?

Miguel of Spooky Squid fame just passed on this link to the premiere of the Halo Ballet.  Yes, as in the Bungie developed video game.  This Sunday at The Music Gallery in Toronto, modern dancers will perform live choreographed machinima via networked Xbox 360s.

X AVANT Festival — “Dance Dance Revolution™” featuring Halo Ballet™ + The Aperghis Suite + The Plunder Suite
Modern dancers take on John Oswald, Georges Aperghis and the Halo™ video game environment

Halo™ Ballet: Inspired by machinima — the repurposing of 3D graphics engines from video games like Quake to create video animation — X Avant takes things one step further by presenting Halo™ Ballet, a realtime live dance, choreographed by Julia Aplin and set to live music commissioned from Aaron Gervais. Toca Loca’s “Halorinas” will dance within a networked Halo™ game. Is Halo™ Ballet dance, multimedia, or just a really boring game where  no one gets killed?  Featuring Rick Sacks, Erik Ross, David Schotzko, Callan Burgess, Gregory Oh, Sanya Eng, Greg Samek and Stephanie Chua.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes that it ends in a last Halorina standing death match.  You can find ticket and location information at The Music Gallery website.  I think my Sunday night is now spoken for, even with Fallout New Vegas trying to suck time from my life.

Rehersal video:

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