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Episode 017 – Drag Me To Cells

If you were planning on upgrading to a new smart phone this summer, we recommend that you give a listen to the mobile section of this episode to get an overview of what’s new or soon to be released.

We also take a look at Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell”, “inFAMOUS” for the PS3 and “Punch Out” for the Wii, and more!

This episode marks some upgrades and changes to the production end of the show, so you’ll see and especially hear a marked increase in quality (so we hope).  We’ve also added a high quality WMV feed that starts with the last episode.

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  • Johnathan Leger

    great podcast

    re: infamous

    definitely assassins creedish in the climbing mechanics

    i also felt some serious nods to THPS

    • Doug Groves

      Thanks man. I’m happy with the technical progress it’s made as well. Still some issues to work out, but it’s getting there.

      BTW, THPS as in Tony Hawk?

    • RebelScum

      ^^^same question 🙂

      • Johnathan Leger

        yes tony hawk lol

        i mean the obvious nod is the sattelite uplink missions


        and then you have the side mish’s where a photographer follows you around taking snaps of moves he calls you out to do

        even the courier mish’s have the feel of some of the zanier goals from the tony hawk franchise

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