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Time lapse video from the International Space Station


For some reason, a lot of my client projects these days are asking for images and animations of Earth, so I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking 3D globes and trying to get the clouds in one project ‘just right’. That means looking up a lot of real life satellite photos for reference.

Unexpectedly, I found some fantastic footage courtesy of Boing Boing. The video above is comprised of a series of time lapse images taken from the International Space Station over the late summer of this year, then edited and set to music. The camera, known as the “Super Sensitive High Definition TV” or SS-HDTV, works in extremely low light situations, and has managed to capture some detailed visuals of the planet.  Whether it’s natural phenomena such auroras and lightning storms, or the vast electrical grid that we as humans have covered the planet with, the footage is nothing less than stunning.

The images are sourced from NASA’s The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website.

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