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Nokia 900 leaked in developer video?

Last February, Nokia made a drastic decision regarding the future of its operating systems by going all-in with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. While there was a lot of online fallout from both proud Finns and Symbian advocates, Nokia’s new Windows Phones, the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, finally started hitting overseas. The Lumia 800, which shares the same body design as their N9, has been getting rave reviews for the industrial design, but there’s still no word on what’s happening in North America.

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We weren’t actually going to post anything…

…on the iPhone 4G leak, since the combination of the hundreds of posts and articles online, in the mainstream media, and on The View!, has really drained the life out of this story. However some lively comments, made to each other via email, made me think that it is still our civic duty as a tech and geek news website to say something about the 4G, so here is what we all think:

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Leaked Dead Rising 2 vid appears to be the real deal

Shaky McCameraPhone is at it again. Recently this video appeared on YouTube claiming to be the leaked trailer for the upcoming Dead Rising 2. If you’re a horror-survivalist and a fan of anything Undead, then it’s pretty much a lock that Dead Rising was, for you, some of the most fun you’ve had playing video games in a very long time…provided you’re a 360 owner. Now, after much speculation, Capcom has indeed announced that DR2 is in fact in development, and headed out of the mall and into the streets…

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