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Docs and Taxes

To the filmmakers in our readership- this might be of some interest to you come next year at “income tax time”. Yes, it is from an American perspective but  a) some of our readers are U.S. citizens and b) Canadians shouldn’t feel too smug: our current government is unlikely to go after large corporations and it is very ambivalent about the arts and non-mainstream journalism. If Revenue Canada is trying to make itself look busy they might just decide to try some of the tactics that the IRS is presently…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab giveaway on Rogers RedBoard Biz – 1 day left!

Rogers has really been promoting the business version of their Redboard blog – the Biz blog, which is “dedicated to helping Canadian businesses get a competitive advantage with business tools and providing the know-how to get the most value from them”. To help promote the new @RogersBiz Twitter account they are having a contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet. All you have to do is go to the blog here, and in the comments, in 100 words or less, let Rogers know “how technology has changed your…

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HP buys Palm!

Just in, Hewlett Packard has purchased ailing smart phone maker Palm Inc. for about  $1 billion in cash.  Palm has been up for sale recently. In fanboy circles, yours truly included, the hope was that Taiwanese manufacturer HTC would buy Palm, and do something spectacular with Palm’s webOS.  So much for that dream. HP was always considered a possible suitor for Palm.  This could be a good move for the computer manufacturer, as Dell, their chief rival in the US has recently shown a strong line up of mobility hardware…

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