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Tractor Canada in Toronto

Although originally snapped a couple of weeks ago, I had to share these pictures of the tractor (and cabin) from Tractor Canada, as it was parked at King and John in downtown Toronto.  The tractor is making a sojourn across Canada, from Charolette PEI to Vancouver BC.  On the way, they’re shooting a documentary of their journey, in an effort to raise awareness for family farms in Canada, with a cozy cabin that would look right at home on the shores of Georgian Bay.

The sign on the side of the cabin reads:

Our Story:

Welcome to our temporary home.  We are three individuals who believe that agriculture, farmers, and food production deserve more attention in Canada.

John Varty, Molly Daley and Michael Liew have all taken one year away from their jobs and salaries to travel across Canada interviewing farmers, politicians, and many others, in an effort to prompt a national ‘conversation’ about farming.

We are filming our interviews and experiences in order to produce a documentary film.  We are NOT supported by a grant of any kind; this journey is entirely out-of-pocket.

Please visit for more information.

Underneath the sign is a donation box.  Although I had already put a few bucks into it (after all, who doesn’t like self-funded projects like this), when I saw the yellow parking ticket from the city, I had to go back and add a little more.  While it’s understandable that they would want to stop off in Toronto to raise awareness of the project, I imagine that it was a long haul to make the detour.

If I had it my way, the City Of Toronto would tear up the ticket too.

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