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Playstation interview with Sony Canada’s Matt Levitan

This past week, Sony held a public Holiday preview event at the Hummingbird Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, showcasing not only a number of games aiming for the holiday season and beyond, but the PS3 Move and 3D in action. While there, the biggest lineup was probably for Gran Turismo 5, which had a lot of people waiting to get their hands on it.  We got a chance to talk with Matt Levitan, Director of Marketing / Public Relations for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada, about how the Move is…

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Sony adding 320GB PS3 to the fall line-up

Though they had already appeared on the inventory lists at both Amazon and Gamestop in the past couple of days, Sony has finally officially confirmed that they will be updating the PS3 with both 160GB and 320GB hard drives.  The 160GB model, priced at $299.99 is replacing the current PS3, and already shipping to retail, so should be appearing on shelves any time now. The 320GB Move bundle, stuffed with Sports Champions, a PlayStation Eye and Move controller, aimed at getting people up and running with Sony’s new motion controller…

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