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Carrier IQ and mobile (in)security

Back in October, a story ran on XDA Developers about software running on HTC Android phones called Carrier IQ (CIQ) that appeared to be collecting a fair amount of data about your device and not doing a good job of storing it securely. Beyond your device ID, it collected phone numbers, geo-location and account names. Since that initial discovery, there’ve been reports of it being even more invasive, leading Carrier IQ to issue a Cease and Desist letter and denying what it does.

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Freedom of the press, or license to steal?

By now, everybody knows the Gizmodo – iPhone 4G fiasco inside and out. It’s broken beyond the tech world to the mainstream, from the New York Times coming out in favour of Gizmodo’s journalistic rights to Jon Stewart offering an amusing but watered down spanking to Apple for becoming the “1984” it once rallied against. Of course, I’d argue that Apple is more “Brave New World” than “1984”, but that’s another story… What’s got my editorial undies all bunched is how since Gizmodo invoked the journalistic shield law as a…

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