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Carrier IQ and mobile (in)security

Back in October, a story ran on XDA Developers about software running on HTC Android phones called Carrier IQ (CIQ) that appeared to be collecting a fair amount of data about your device and not doing a good job of storing it securely. Beyond your device ID, it collected phone numbers, geo-location and account names. Since that initial discovery, there’ve been reports of it being even more invasive, leading Carrier IQ to issue a Cease and Desist letter and denying what it does.

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XDA Developers officially adds non HTC devices

Unlike many other phone enthusiast sites, XDA Developers, started out as a site for HTC phone owners.  After much speculation, and an initial test with the Samsung Omnia II, the site has finally pulled the trigger and introduced more non HTC phones.  They first added the Omnia II a few weeks back, and have now expanded that list.  I know from personal experience part of the reason I stuck with HTC phones in the past was the unofficial support and development from one of the best phone hardware communities out…

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