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HP TouchPad tablet coming to Canada on July 15th

While the iPad and its successor, the iPad 2, are still the gold-standard for tablets, 2011 has already seen the release of a number of challengers for its throne. Both the recently released Motorola XOOM and RIM Playbook have some features that are better than the iPad, but neither of them has managed to recreate the “magic” that Apple infuses the iPad with. While most of the tablets still to come this year are going to Android Honeycomb based – Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, HTC, Lenovo, LG all have new models…

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Palm Announces Pixi for US

Like the cheeky little monkey that it is, Palm isn’t afraid to interrupt news from the big boys for their own new gadget announcement, even on 09-09-09.  They today unveiled the long rumoured Palm Pixi, a slimmed down version the Pre.  The new phone is coming to US carrier Sprint this holiday, and if the history of the Pre is any indicator, it’s likely to come to Bell a few months later. The design of the Pixi should be familiar to Palm Centro users, as it’s the same candy bar…

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