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The myth of the saturated smartphone market

Ever since the days of the original Palm Pre, worries about saturated market has permeated many reviews and reports about new entrants in the smartphone ‘race’. A lot of the tech press were raising flags, suggesting Palm was in a “too little, too late” position. Palm was certainly in the “too little” category, I’d argue they were far from “too late”.  There were a lot of problems with Palm’s WebOS reboot, few of which had to do with timing.  Unfortunately, because Palm (via HP) did crash and burn, it reinforces the idea that “market saturation” is…

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb event video

On Wednesday, Google held a major event to showcase its new Android 3.0 OS aka Honeycomb. The new OS is aimed squarely at the growing tablet market. The new design offers a cleaner look for Android, as well as a number of new features including the web accesible and a new push on gaming. inclduing reusable “application fragments”. If I were the conspiratorial type, I’d say that Google is deliberately attempting to redefine ‘fragment’ in the context of Android. More seriously, the OS was demonstrated running on the Motorola Xoom tablet, powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual core chipset.

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