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How to uninstall McAfee – NSFW

If you’re easily offended by foul language, scantily clad women, smoking, drug use or the irresponsible use of firearms, you might not want to watch this video. If, however, you’ve been MORE offended by McAfee anti-virus software in the past, then you might be able to overlook those other things, as the creator of the McAfee software out Sheen’s Charlie himself in this (not so) informative video…

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Microsoft Security Essentials: Worth The Price And Then Some

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate anti-virus software so much, I never use it, except in test cases. I’ll also admit that I would NEVER recommend anyone NOT run anti-virus on their PC. Part of the reason I don’t run it is anti-virus is that historically it’s interfered with specialized software I use at work in post-production. The other part is that I generally don’t tread on the dangerous side of the internet. To put aside fears of being infected, I do run regular system scans with…

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