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rgbfilter @ TCAF 2010: Kick-off Event – Daniel Clowes presents Wilson

We went to the Daniel Clowes presents Wilson event on Friday night, where Mark Medley, arts writer from the National Post, sat down with Daniel, and talked with him at length about his career, art, and Wilson (his new graphic novel). Some interesting info I learned was that he created art for an animated Ramones video, and there was the short-lived ‘OK’ Cola created by Coca Cola, that featured his artwork on the can. He also mentioned that while he still pencils, inks, and letters everything by hand, he now digitally colours his work. Oh, and he doesn’t see a future for comics on the iPad.

We also live tweeted at @rgbalex, check out the feed for some great comments from the event.

We’ll be back at TCAF today, where we hope to interview as many of the artists as possible – and check back in the evening for some more still pictures from the Festival.

For now you can also check out the Dan Clowes Ramones video after the break…

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